Land Brokerage & Investment

Increase buyer & seller confidence to accelerate sales, find strategic investments, and manage land portfolios.


Attach land characteristics to  listings and enable clients to search  based on maps of resource values.


Make smart purchases by comparing and evaluating parcels based on  your unique requirements.


Monitor properties remotely and manage your holdings based on the metrics that matter.


Determine land value and get the best price for your asset based on  data-driven comparables.

Suggested Datasets

Our datasets are presented as gridded maps of the variables that are most important to your use-case. These gridded map datasets are summarized by location—from pixels and parcels up to county and state levels. Successive map layers depict changes over time.



The terraPulse forest product suite is based on time-serial maps going back to 1972. Mapping forests as percentages of tree cover over time helps inform the detection and monitoring of major changes like canopy closure, pre-commercial thinning, harvest, and degradation.



terraPulse’s terrain products are derived from global measurements to assess site elevation, slope, degrees, topographical moisture accumulation and visibility.



Provided globally at within-field resolution, our farmland datasets are retrieved from the historical satellite record and updated automatically to enable retrieval, monitoring, and prediction of crop health, productivity, and yield.

range & habitat

Range & Habitat

Like our farmland datasets, terraPulse produces a variety of daily indices and longer-term summaries to facilitate precision range and habitat management, including soil and vegetation type, plant productivity, and surface inundation.

Use Cases

Utah agricultural extension agents use our maps of surface water to help ranchers manage populations of wild horses.

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