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Know The Land.

Retrieve the past. Monitor the present. Plan the future.

Data-Driven Insights About Earth—From Space

We apply machine learning to global satellite imagery to extract actionable and scalable information for your land-use and business decisions.

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Local Insights

Monitor, search, and query land assets while predicting opportunities in real-time with automatically updated satellite-based maps.

Global Consistency

Understand any site’s history, status and potential in comparison to nearby and similar locations around the world.

Historical Perspective

We mine over 40 years of US, international, and commercial satellite imagery to map historical trends, present condition, and future potential.


Timely, accurate, and consistent data for the  stewardship
of timber, pulpwood, carbon, and habitat

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Recreation & Wildlands

Mobile, interactive maps of terrain and habitat dynamics for the conservation and management of wild species, populations, and landscapes

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Precise, local monitoring and assessment to improve yields from field to globe

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Current and historical records of vegetation cover, type, and productivity
for adaptive range management

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Our Products

Our data products fill a critical gap in land information—increasing transparency and improving efficiency of land management, purchases, and insurance.

Desktop & Mobile Maps

Visualize consistent, customized digital maps from the comfort of your office or while on-the-go in the field.

Cloud Storage & Access

Access terraPulse data streams to get the information you need automatically delivered to your application.

Custom Datasets

Attach comparable data across your listings, or map values regionally to create a multidimensional view of the landscape.

Monitoring & History

Time-serial maps show the present landscape in the context of history and enable analysis of large-scale trends.

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