Better Data

We mine petabytes of satellite imagery with machine learning algorithms and predictive analytics to create globally accurate, locally precise records of ecosystem cover, structure, and dynamics. We then provide these data streams via and web and mobile platforms to land owners, investors and insurers

Smarter Decisions

Better information drives better decisions. From drones to satellites, our geospatial data and monitoring systems serve the finance, management, and conservation of land and natural resources at every scale, from local to global, by guiding the best actions for each piece of land at any point in time.

Healthier Land

Whether you're buying or managing a stand of timber, a field of crops, a patch of habitat, or an urbanizing watershed, you need timely, accurate assessments of ecosystem status and trends. We build data-driven solutions on the cloud to optimize your land use through space and time.

Water: Historical and near real-time data on monitoring surface water globally.

Water is the lifeblood of ecosystems and economies.

Our satellite-based maps of surface-water cover and its changes record inundation histories, identify wetland habitats, and quantify flood risk. For more information about our water cover product and services contact us.

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Aral Sea

Urbanization: Mapping impervious surfaces.

Cities are humanity's most intensive and fastest-growing land use. Urban impervious surfaces pattern local economies, impact watersheds, and generate local urban "heat islands".

Our long-term, satellite-based records of urban growth enable regional land-use planning, watershed management, and investment in sustainable urban development. For more information about our impervious surface product and services contact us.

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Impervious surface cover

Forests: Monitoring and mapping forests globally

Forests provide timber, fiber, and fuel while sequestering biomass, protecting watersheds, and housing biodiversity.

Our maps of forest dynamics combine local accuracy with global scope to monitor forest gains and losses, retrieve site-specific histories of forest change, and predict site potential for growth and restoration of forest ecosystems. For more information about our water cover product and services contact us.

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Global Forest Monitoring
National Geographic
US. Bureau of Land Management
Utah State University