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About terraPulse

TerraPulse is changing the way land is evaluated, managed, and transferred by improving the flow of information to land owners, users, brokers, insurers, investors, and government agencies.

What We Do

We map and monitor the status, history, and potential of large landscapes through satellite-based measurements of forest-, crop-, range-, and wildland productivity; and we provide the resulting information through simple, efficient interfaces tailored to specific market and industry applications. Our algorithms apply decades of expertise in geospatial intelligence, machine learning, and satellite image analysis to streamline the provision of actionable, real-time data to clients in the public and private sector.

The terraPulse Advantage

In a changing global landscape, our suite of products improves the efficiency and adaptability with which individuals, businesses, and governments respond to economic and environmental change. As a result, our customers are able to build natural capital, sustain the health and productivity of ecosystems, and take strategic action with the confidence and reliability of global data.

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Our Values

We value the productivity and diversity of natural ecosystems, as well as the prosperity and freedom of human economies.

In a world of over 7 billion people consuming an increasing portion of Earth’s natural resources, sustainability of the human enterprise will necessitate a tighter coupling of information and action. This will require efficient flow of information between the biosphere and human economies. We are enabling a world where data drives decisions—one where every piece of land is put to its best use, where science empowers people and institutions to avoid risks and realize opportunities, and where the needs of today are met in balance with our responsibilities to the planet and future generations.

Company History

In 2014, at the University of Maryland Global Land Cover Facility, our team created the world's first high- resolution global maps of tree and water cover, as well as the world's first annual, 30-m resolution time-serial maps of impervious surface cover. Recognizing the equal responsibility of science, governance, and industry for sustaining our planet, terraPulse was founded later that year to provide custom geospatial data products and solutions to government, academic, and nonprofit researchers, as well as private land investors, owners, and managers.

Our clientele now spans the breadth of forest, agricultural, range-, and wild-land uses; and our data serve analysts and managers in government, scientific, and commercial sectors.


Saurabh Channan

Saurabh ChannAn

Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder
Joe Sexton

Joseph Sexton, Ph.D.

Chief Scientist and Co-Founder
Dr. Min Feng

Min Feng, Ph.D.

Chief Technology Officer and Co-Founder
Panshi Wang

Panshi Wang, Ph.D.

Data Scientist
Alison Thieme

Alison Thieme

Solutions Engineer
Varsha Vijay

Varsha Vijay, Ph.D.

Solutions Engineer
Varsha Vijay

Johnny Wilson, Ph.D.

Solutions Engineer