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Nonprofit & Government

Plan and communicate land-use decisions while saving time and focusing on what’s most important.

streamline APPLICATIONs

Evaluate  assistance, credit, and easement applications based on consistent, reliable data.


Allocate valuable resources efficiently with spatial assessments of site suitability and potential.


Track treatment and compliance with the  scale and efficiency of Earth-orbiting satellites.

inform stakeholders

Communicate the benefits of land-use decisions across interests with the transparency of online maps.

Our Products

Our data products fill a critical gap in land information—increasing transparency and improving efficiency of land management, purchases, and insurance.

Desktop & Mobile Maps

Access consistent, customized digital maps from the comfort of your office or while on-the-go in the field.

Cloud Storage & Access

Interface with terraPulse's  variables to get the information you need automatically delivered to your application.

Custom Datasets

Import  single datasets into your GIS or layer multiple datasets to create a stack of maps for a multidimensional view of land.

Monitoring & History

Time-serial maps show the present landscape in the context of history and enable analysis of large-scale trends.


National Geographic uses terraPulse maps to preserve the headwaters of the Okavango Delta

The Philippines' Forest Management Bureau builds the country’s National Forest Monitoring System on terraPulse data.