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Our Solutions

Monitor geographic variables to understand land and inform strategy.

with confidence

Leverage  our decades of experience and NASA-proven algorithms to make data-driven decisions about land use.


Assess land values and uses before turning to labor-intensive, manual evaluation, saving time and resources.

the Land

Deepen your understanding of land characteristics and the drivers of land value while monitoring existing assets.

New uses

There’s more to your land than you might think. See land in new ways to uncover additional uses and opportunities.


Precise, local monitoring and assessment to improve yields from field to globe

Ensuring food security for 7 billion people requires adaptation to climate, economic, and technological changes. Our cropland data sets are updated daily and provide within-field resolution to enable precision agriculture, monitoring, prediction, and investment.

Whether you need the resolution to manage a family farm or long-term, global consistency for agribusiness and crop insurance, we provide:  

  • Satellite vegetation indices
  • Mapped summaries of recent to long-term norms and variability
  • Crop type and productivity
  • Plant stress and drought severity


Timely, accurate, and consistent data for the  stewardship  of timber, pulpwood, carbon, and habitat

Responsible forest management relies on understanding current and historic values of stand characteristics over large areas. Using data from 1972 to present, our maps of tree-canopy cover & type, stand age, and disturbance history help forest managers:

  • Establish reference and activity levels for carbon markets
  • Monitor thinning, degradation, harvest, and growth
  • Predict yield and site index
  • Estimate regional and mill-specific wood baskets
  • Mitigate risks from fire and flood
  • Assess timberland value for wildlife and livestock


Current and historical records of vegetation cover, type, and productivity for adaptive range management

Only satellites can provide monitoring at the scale and efficiency needed by today's landowners to coordinate multiple uses of large landscapes. Our maps and historical summaries of vegetation type and productivity enable rangeland managers to:

  • Monitor rangeland health and productivity
  • Minimize impact and speed recovery from drought and fire
  • Determine optimal stocking density and carrying capacity
  • Identify sensitive sites and restoration potential

Recreation & Wildlands

Mobile, interactive maps of terrain and habitat dynamics for the conservation and management of wild species, populations, and landscapes

Diverse, resilient landscapes support biodiversity and provide recreation opportunities for an increasingly urban population. Improving the health and connectivity of ecosystems across public and private land requires landscape-scale information. Satellite based maps of wildlife habitat and corridors & terrain enable:  

  • Identification and procurement of conservation priorities
  • Analysis of ecological potential
  • Monitoring degradation and encroachment into protected habitat
  • Tracking and reporting restoration & recovery
  • Assessment of recreation value